Information material from the last MOSAiC Data Access Webinar on Dec 16 2020



JupyterHub Example


Please use the MOSAiC JupyterHub at https://jupyterhub.mosaic-data.org or create your own JupyterHub via https://marketplace.awi.de

MOSAiC Data Services

Following IT-Services are used to support the access to and analysis of MOSAiC data at the MOSAiC Central Storage at the AWI after the expedition.

For instructions how to access the services see Accessing the MOSAiC (Data) Services.

If you have any questions, please contact the MOSAiC Data Support Team (Email: support@mosaic-data.org)

MOSAiC Central Storage

(Meta)-Data Management Tools

Virtual Workspace Environment

MOSAiC User Accounts

  • For details how to obtain your user account with which you can access the services please see Get MOSAiC User Account

Data Publication 

General Information on MOSAiC

Other Resources

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