DASHBOARD.awi.de  aims to display data streams for monitoring purposes. It supports:

  • 2D graph widgets depicting changes in a parameter with time;  X-axis may also display another parameter instead ot time as variable

  • Heatmap widgets depicting changes in a parameter with time and depth/altitude including contour plot option;  ideal for displaying mooring and CTD data

  • Map widgets including color-coded parameters; ideal for displaying data from ship-mounted instruments

  • Statistical analysis of selected parameter

  • Direct data download

  • Machine-friendly data access via REST interface

  • User-friendly change of aggregation and display settings

  • Re-use widgets across distinct dashboards

  • Publishing of individual dashboards (opened to all)

  • Sharing of individual dashboard within a group

Questions, feature requests, bugs?: o2a-support (at) awi.de

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