SENSOR aims to create an authoritative repository for managing platform, device and sensor-related metadata information. 

SENSOR is based on the OGC standard SensorML (and device descriptions are downloadable in XML or JSON format). SENSOR also provides an API to export (and import) data programmatically. Two instances of SENSOR - one on Polarstern and one at AWI Bremerhaven-  will run simultanously throughout MOSAiC. They are synchronized on different levels throughout the day as long as network connection permits.

Data Contacts

Every group has assigned chief editors for there devices. They are your first contacts concerning SENSOR related questions. You find them here:

You are always welcome to also contact the people of the O2A support team at


  • All devices used in MOSAiC must be registered in SENSOR!
  • SENSOR can be accessed via

Metadata registered in SENSOR include the following:

  • general (overview) information such as unique short names, serial numbers, short description etc.
  • Properties: used for quality checks
  • Contacts with different roles e.g. Editor, Owner, Principal Investigator.
  • Actions: Deployment, Recovery, ...
  • Resources: fact sheets, manuals, SOPs
  • Parameters: measurement parameters with parameter types. Parameter types follow NERC vocabulary and are now matched to PANGAEA parameter types
  • Subdevices: devices attached to the device


  • ONLY a contact with the role ‘Data Provider’ will obtain write access in the respective directory on the MCS. Please make sure to enter the person that is actually onboard and observes the data flow is entered as editor or data provider.
  • EVERY device needs a contact with the role 'Principal Investigator'. This person will be contacted in the workflow for publishing raw data. We also need this contact in case we have questions regarding on the MCS stored raw data. Archiving data is not possible without a Principle Investigator.
  • Please provide data descriptions for devices where data is available on the MCS! For details see Data Description in SENSORWeb
  • Device operations entered in the DShip Actionlog  appear under 'Actions' in SENSOR. Still, choice of available actions types is limited in SENSOR and therefore several action types in DShip are associated with the same action type in SENSOR.

You will find the extensive manual here: SENSOR manual


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