aims to create an authoritative repository for managing platform, device and sensor-related information.  It was launched  in August 2016 and it will be continuously improved in the form of bi-annual release packages. It supports:

  • Autocompletion of station metadata (required under under "Actions") for all large and medium-sized german research vessels (Polarstern, Sonne, Meteor, Alkor, Heincke, Merian and Poseidon) using PANGAEA expedition catalogue

  • Metadata versioning including minting of PIDs for individual versions along with citation.  Example: 

  • Provenance metadata for repositories as good-scientific pratice. Example: links dataset in PANGAEA to sensor description, under event information

  • Management and discovery of standard sensor-specific information (e.g. manufacturer information, inventory number, history of actions, precision, photos, etc),

  • Management and discovery of data-specific information (calibration reports, physical characterization of individual sensors, etc),

  • Management of parameter properties that trigger the automatic quality flagging
  • Management of specification for automatic data transfer and ingest
  • Bookkeeping of ownership/affiliation of devices
  • Machine-friendly access to metadata.  Example: OGC compliant output standards,

  • Sensor properties are used in machine-friendly monitoring of data streams in near real-time (see DASHBOARD)

  • Re-use in AWI-operated portals and various national and international service infrastructures. Example:

  • Use on board of RV Polarstern including synchronization of DSHIP action log with sensor actions

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