Please note that:

Prerequisite to obtain a MOSAiC User account is to hand in the signed MOSAiC Data Policy to

For details regarding the Data Policy please see MOSAiC Data Policy. Please be informed that some time may pass before we get back to you after you have handed in the Data Policy since the registration requires verification of membership and involves several departments.


The MOSAiC user account to access the MOSAiC Storage on Land is the same one used to access the MOSAiC logbook (at

The MOSAiC user account is not the same as the SENSORWeb account. For details on the SENSORWeb account please contact your chief editors (see !Chief Editors for list).


Please do not share your MOSAiC User credentials with anyone! The MOSAiC user account is personalised and gives access to all MOSAiC data on land! 

Non-AWI members

To access the data you need your MOSAiC user account which should have been sent to you via after having sent the signed MOSAiC Data Policy to

Please be aware that you also have to send back the form you received from to obtain your login details.


AWI employees can use their normal AWI-Login to access the MOSAiC Data after having sent the signed MOSAiC Data Policy to (see above). Participants of Leg 1 should already have access. Please contact if you cannot access the storage or the logbook.

Participants of Leg 1, 2 and 3

If you already had a MOSAiC Account before leaving for the expedition, please use that login data you had obtained from

For those that didn't have an account before leaving for the expedition:

  • Participants of Leg 1 should have received an email from on January 2nd 2020 with a request to reset their password.
  • Participants of Leg 12 will receive an email from on April 1st 2020 with a request to reset their password.

Please follow the instructions in the email. If you did not receive an email and did not have a login prior to Leg1 or Leg 2 please contact

The password you used on board differs from the password on land!

Acceptable Use Policy

From the MOSAiC Application Form which is signed when obtaining an account on Land:

  • Any use of this account, which is likely to harm the interests or the reputation of the AWI, compromise the IT security or violates applicable laws, is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to give away credentials (passwords).

For users who obtained accounts directly on Polarstern:

  • Rules above apply by signing the Code of Conduct (Chapter 2.1: Professional Conduct - Responsible use of resources)