The MCS-platforms area on land at /isibhv/platforms/ is read-only for all MOSAiC-Users. This ensures that nobody can accidentally modify or delete raw data that is important to reproduce MOSAiC results.

To upload additional data after the expedition leg or at a later stage laboratory sample analysis data please use

Platforms_upload contains the directory structure as found on the MCS onboard Polarstern (excluding Device Operation directories for expedition data not yet restored on land). Data uploaded here will be transferred from the AWI data centre on a regular basis to /isibhv/platforms/.

We are still working on an automated solution. Therefore, please use the same best practices as on board!

Best Practices

  • Upload Data only when it is final.
    • Modifications to the same file (which already exists in the respective directory in /isibhv/platforms/ at will be stored under a different filename and require personal communication between the data team and data provider.
    • Check /isibhv/platforms/ at to  to see which filenames are already in use for your target directory

  • Only upload data into device folders for which you are registered as ‘Editor’ or ‘Data Provider’ in Data cannot be transferred to /isibhv/platforms/ otherwise.
    • Go to the Contacts-Tab of the respective device in SENSORWeb to see if you are registered as 'Editor' or 'Data Provider'
    • Contact the !Chief Editors of your team or an Editor of the device if you are not yet listed under 'Contacts'

  • Upload data into the correct directory structure: <device-directory>/exdata/<Device Operation ID>. See MOSAiC Central Storage (MCS) for details.

  • Do not delete or rename any directories and of course don’t change any data that doesn’t belong to you (wink)


  • Check Best Practices (see above)
  • Use our Data Submission Service to upload your data on land:
  • Choose "Access and Submit" / "Goto Submission"
  • Logon to the website using your credentials from (usually email address + password)
  • Navigate to the directory of your device
    • Check the SENSOR-URN in for the correct path
    • You will only see listed the sensor directories where you have access permissions / roles set in
    • Always upload data to (subdirectory of)
      • <device-directory>/exdata/<Device Operation ID>  or 
      • <device-directory>/exdata/<Device Operation ID>_ analysis or 
      • <device-directory>/exdata/<Device Operation ID>_ codeployment 
    • See Best Practices above!

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