For details on the DShip System see DSHIP-System (Werum System AG)

Summary of connected devices and systems

The following list is a summary of all devices and systems connected with DShip. During the cruises, mostly reduced and uncorrected data sets from these devices and systems are stored and available in the DShip onboard version. Shortly after the cruises, these data sets are made available in the DShip online database

PageDevice nameDShipParameters
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)ADCPReduced and unevaluated set of measurement data.average east velocity [m/s]; average north velocity [m/s]; averaging interval [s]; maximum depth for averaging [m]; minimum depth for averaging [m]; number of measurements used for averaging; true horizontal velocity [m/s]; true velocity direction [°]; up velocity [m/s]
Anschütz GyrocompassNACOS ship navigation systemUnevaluated and uncorrected measurement data.System Heading
Dual Axis Doppler Log (DO-Log)DO-LogUncorrected measurement data.speed bottomtrack across [kn]; speed bottomtrack ahead [kn]; speed watertrack across [kn]; speed watertrack ahead [kn]
Electromagnetic Log (EM-Log)EM-LogUncorrected measurement data.speed [kn]
FerryboxFerryBoxUncorrected measurement data.CDOM [ppb]; conductivity [mS/cm]; NO2 [µmol/l]; sampling_time_NO2; PO4 [µmol/l]; NO3 [µmol/l]; sampling time NO3; sampling time SIO2; SIO2 [µmol/l]; flow [l/min]; fluorescence chlorophyll A raw [µg/l]; fluorescence chlorophyll A TR [µg/l]; fluorometer temperature [°C]; oxygen corrected [µmol/l]; pH; pH temperature [°C]; phycocyanin [cells/m]; pressure [mbar]; quality flag; salinity [PSU]; salinity temperature [°C]; sampling time PO4; sound velocity [m/s]; turbidity [NTU]
Fishing Echo Sounder (Simrad EK 80 with ADCP)fishing echo sounderReduced set of measurement data.depth (18 kHz) [m]; depth (38 kHz) [m]; depth (70 kHz) [m]; depth (120 kHz) [m]; depth (200 kHz) [m]
Global Acoustic Positioning System (GAPS)GAPSReduced measurement; depth [m]; EW; latitude [°]; longitude [°]; month; NS; time in hours; transponder no sag; transponder no sax; x coordinate [m]; y coordinate [m]; year; z coordinare [m]; pitch [deg]; roll [deg]; heading std dev [deg]; pitch std dev [deg]; roll std dev [deg]; altitude std dev; latitude std dev; longitude std dev; heading [deg]
Magnetometer System (Magnetics)magneticsUncorrected measurement data.electronics temperature port [°C]; electronics temperature starbord [°C]; FP [nT]; FS [nT]; gyro heading [deg]; gyro pitch [deg]; gyro roll [deg]; sensor temperature port [°C]; sensor temperature starbord [°C]; XP-component [nT]; XS-component [nT]; YP-component [nT]; YS-component [nT]; ZP-component [nT]; ZS-component [nT]
Marine Gravitymeter System (Gravimeter)gravimeterUncorrected measurement data.GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.1.datafield3; GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.1.datafield4; GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.2.datafield1; GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.2.datafield2; GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.2.datafield3; GRAVIMETER.PBGGGD.2.datafield4
Motion Sensor (Hydrins Inertial Navigation System)hydrinsUnevaluated measurement data.course [deg]; gyro heading [deg]; gyro heading ang. rate [°/s]; gyro pitch [deg]; gyro pitch ang. rate [°/s]; heave [m]; position latitude [°]; position longitude [°]; speed [kn]; x-velocity [m/s]; y-velocity [m/s]; z-velocity [m/s]
Navigation Echo Soundernavigation sounderUncorrected measurement data.depth [m]
pCO2 Monitoring System General Oceanics (GO pCO2)GO pCO2 AnalyzerPreliminary, uncorrected measurement data. Reporting of a preliminary pCO2 (based on xco2, equtemp in licorpres) was implemented in May 2015, for reporting to DSHIP and on to AWI. Please note that these data are NOT the final product of this instrument. After-cruise processing of the data improves the values significantly compared to the preliminary value.DateTime; fCO2 [µmol/mol]; Type
pCO2 Monitoring System OceanPack SAE (SubCtech)OceanPack pCO2 AnalyzerUncorrected measurement data.xCO2 (air) [ppm]; xCO2 corrected (water) [ppm]; CO2 concentration[mmol/m3]; pressure difference (membrane; licor) [mbar]; xH2O (air) [ppt]; H2O concentration [mmol/m3]; xCO2 dry [µmol/mol]
POSIDONIAPOSIDONIAReduced measurement; EW; month; NS; position_latitude [°]; position_longitude [°]; raw_time [secs]; transponder_No; transponder No (rel); x [m]; y [m]; year; z (depth) [m]
Sediment Echo Sounder (Parasound P70)parasoundReduced set of uncorrected measurement data.depth [m]
Ship Navigation Platform (NACOS)NACOS ship navigation systemUncorrected measurement data.EW; identifier; message mode; message number; NS; route Id; speed bottom track across [kn]; speed bottom track ahead [kn]; speed made good [kn]; speed watertrack across [kn]; speed watertrack ahead [kn]; system course [deg]; system course status; system heading [deg]; system heading status; system position latitude [°]; system position longitude [°]; system position status; system speed [kn]; system speed status; system speed [kn]; system speed status; system speed unit; track made good [deg]; track speed status; waypoint Id From; waypoint Id To; waypoint position EW; waypoint position longitude [°]; waypoint position NS; waypoint position latitude [°]
Thermosalinograph Keel 1 and Keel 2 (TSK1 and TSK2)TSK2Uncorrected measurement data.ConductivityHz [Hz], Conductivity Keel S/m [S/m], ConductivityKHz [kHz], Conductivity ms [ms/cm], density [kg/m3], FirstVoltage [V], salinity Keel 2 [psu], SBE [Hz], SecondVoltage [Hz], Sentence, soundvelocity external [m/s], sound velocity Keel [m/s], TemperatureHz [Hz], temperature Keel [°C], temperature Keel internal [°C], TSK2.SBE21.SBE21
Trimble GPS Receivertrimble 1 GPS
trimble 2 GPS
Unevaluated and uncorrected measurement data.course made good [°]; Date; day; EW; GPS quality indicator; month; NS; number of satellites in fix; position latitude [°]; position longitude [°]; raw time; speed made good [kn]; Time; UTC raw [s]; year
Weather StationweatherstationEvaluated data.air pressure [hPa]; air temperature [°C]; ceiling [ft]; dewpoint rows nest [°C]; direct radiation [W/m2]; global radiation [W/m2]; max rel. wind velocity last min [m/s]; precipitation [mm/min]; rel. humidity [%]; rel. wind direction [deg]; rel. wind velocity [m/s]; sunshine indicator; true wind direction [deg]; true wind velocity [m/s]; true wind velocity [Beaufort]; true wind velocity [Knots] [Kn]; visibility [m]; water temperature [°C]