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The observatory is always manned with a weather radio technician and a meteorologist during scientific cruises. The facilities of the meteorological observatory can be co-used by scientists for special measurements.


The weather station at Polarstern consists of several devices which measure standard parameters such as temperature, wind, humidity, barometric pressure, radiation and precipitation. Satellite images are received with a dedicated antenna which, together with the data, are used for forecast purposes. The station is operated by a weather technician-observer from the German Weather Service (DWD) who is responsible for the routine 3-hourly synoptic observations and the daily upper air soundings.

Manufacturer AWI
Model AWI
Serial No. n/a
Type small scale facility


Name Institution Role
Bernd Loose Alfred-Wegener-Institute Engineer In Charge
Holger Schmithüsen Alfred-Wegener-Institute Principal Investigator, Editor
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholz Centre for Polar and Marine Research Owner


The weatherstation consists of different sensors (see: subdevices) and a data acquisition unit. The data acquisition unit developed by AWI in colaboration with FIELAX provides local data storage and data transfer to the DShip system.


Name Model Serial Number SENSOR-
Barometric Pressure Sensor setra B270 n/a
Cloud Height Detector CL51 F4060001
Global Radiation Sensor Pyranometer CM 11 n/a
Ship Rain Gauge SRM 450 H 093999
Sunshine Detector SONI e3 n/a
Temperature and Humidity HMP155 n/a
Visibility Sensor FS11 n/a
Water temperature for weather station PT100 n/a
Wind Sensors (anemometer) Ultrasonic Anemometer Sonic 2D n/a


Infono xyz-position given, the weather station is located on deck A

Data logging, storage and archiving

Logged parameters

Parameter Sensor Output Type Unit
true wind direction wind direction degree
true wind velocity wind speed m/s
air pressure pressure hPa
air temperature air temperature °C
rel. humidity relative humidity %
global radiation global radiation W/m^2
precipitation precipitation mm/min
ceiling cloud ceiling ft
direct radiation direct radiation W/m^2
sunshine indicator UV radiation unknown
visibility visibility m
max rel. wind velocity last min wind speed m/s
rel. wind velocity wind speed m/s
rel. wind direction wind direction degree

Central geographical ship's position and time standard

Time synchronising is regulated via ntp between the acquisition computer xdas1 and the central ntp-server on board.
Geographical ship's position via DShip.

Rawdata storage on board

Data storage in DShip system.


Evaluated data.

Device name



air pressure [hPa]; air temperature [°C]; ceiling [ft]; dewpoint rows nest [°C]; direct radiation [W/m2]; global radiation [W/m2]; max rel. wind velocity last min [m/s]; precipitation [mm/min]; rel. humidity [%]; rel. wind direction [deg]; rel. wind velocity [m/s]; sunshine indicator; true wind direction [deg]; true wind velocity [m/s]; true wind velocity [Beaufort]; true wind velocity [Knots] [Kn]; visibility [m]; water temperature [°C]

Data archiving on land

The acquired data are evaluated, archived and made available via Internet by the AWI.
DShip data set can be extracted from

File format(s)

stored in DShip System

Calibration certificates


Location of certificates

Reederei Laeisz, T. Liebe