Best Practices for SENSOR

Please take a moment to read the best practices when using SensorWeb: MOSAiC Best Practices for SENSOR

Workflow for creating new devices in SENSOR

The following workflow is defined for creation of devices in SensorWeb:

    1. Device Contact aka Device Editor collects Initial SensorWeb Information in Device Management List in the columns and contacts Chief Editors of his/her Team to initiate device in SensorWeb
      • Short Name: please choose a catchy and unique short name for your (device name and serial number, e.g. “HandCTD_6678”)
      • Platform: please choose a platform from the list that your device will be used on (e.g. Polarstern, Ice_Station, Polar5, …)
      • Individual Device-Editor, who will enter/edit all the details for the device. Everyone who will bring a device to MOSAiC is a potential device editor unless other workflows were defined in teams.
      • Chief-Editors (per Team), who will keep an overview of the devices for the team
    2. Chief-Editor sends Initial Device-Information to
      • Including following information about the Device Editor 
        • Name, Surname,  
        • Email
        • Institute
        • Telephone Nr.
        • City 
        • Country
    3. SensorWeb-Team creates device under specified platform and adds Device Editor and Initial Editor as Editors for device
      • Device Editor can now enter and edit all information  
        • exception: short name!
        • Reassign to different platform: need to contact initial editor and/or
      • Chief Editor
        • Collects information on devices to be entered in SensorWeb
        • monitor devices in SensorWeb for team to ensure best practices are followed
        • acts as first contact for questions on SensorWeb for team.
        • spreads knowledge on updates of SensorWeb in team.
    4. Device Editor enters SENSOR-URN and SENSOR-ID of device in SensorWeb in Device Management List in respective columns

The device management list can be found MS Teams MOSAiC_all/General/Groups/Data/Dataplanning_Lists/MOSAiC_Device_Data_Management_List_V2.xlsx

Please register and edit all your devices until July 31 2019!

Chief Editors for your team

You can find the complete the list of initial editors under MOSAiC Data Contacts 

Information and links to tutorials for the SensorWeb


Short SENSOR HowTo-Videos

more information

REGISTRY (formerly known as SENSOR)

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