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For any questions regarding the MOSAiC Data Flow, how to access it, etc. please check the documentation here and contact for open questions.

MOSAiC Data Group

The MOSAiC Data Group meets regularly and discusses MOSAiC Data related questions

SENSORWeb Chief Editors

Main tasks of chief editors:

  • collect list of devices to be entered in SENSOR for your team
  • act as a multiplicator for knowledge about SENSOR in team and act as first contact for questions on SENSOR for team
  • spread knowledge on updates of SENSOR in team
  • filter questions which can already be answered by you for your team
  • know the best practices and best configuration of instruments
  • know where to get documentation
  • know how SENSOR, DSHIP and MCS relate
  • monitor devices in SENSOR for your team to ensure best practices are followed
  • oversee that contacts and contact roles are mentioned correctly

TeamMain Chief Editor


Main Chief Editor

Peter von der Gathen - Peter.von.der.Gathen (at) (AWI)

Further Chief Editors

Matthew Shupe - Matthew.Shupe (at) (NOAA)

Byron Blomquist - byron.blomquist (at) (University Colorado) 

Sara Morris - Sara.Morris (at) (NOAA)

Giri Prakash - palanisamyg (at) (ARM)


Main Chief Editor

Dorothea Bauch - dbauch (at) (GEOMAR) 


Main Chief Editor

Allison Fong - allison.fong (at) (AWI) 

Clara Hoppe - clara.hoppe (at) (AWI)

Further Chief Editors

Rolf Gradinger - rolf.gradinger (at) (University Norway)


Main Chief Editor

Julia Regnery - julia.regnery (at) (AWI) 

Further Chief Editors

Martin Schneebeli - schneebeli (at) (WSL-SLF)

Amy Macfarlane - amy.macfarlane (at) (WSL-SLF)

Task leaders of ICE tasks


Main Chief Editor

Sandra Tippenhauer - sandra.tippenhauer (at) (AWI)

Further Chief Editors

Julia Regnery - julia.regnery (at) (AWI)
Mario Hoppmann - mario.hoppmann (at) (AWI)

Remote Sensing

Thomas Krumpen - Thomas.krumpen (at) (AWI)

Gunnar Spreen -  gunnar.spreen (at) (University Bremen) 

Aircraft Operations Andreas Herber - andreas.herber (at) (AWI)

Data Contact Persons during the expedition

Data Contact Persons for each teams were designated for each leg. 

Role of Data Contact Persons:

  1. act as multiplicators for knowledge
    • on best practices in SENSOR specific for team
    • on SENSOR, DSHIP, MCS on Board
    • how SENSOR, DSHIP and MCS relate
  2. first contact for questions regarding SENSOR
  3. help reassigning, editing (and entering new) devices
  4. know where to get documentation
  5. keep an eye on data for their team: Is raw data being stored in MCS appropriately and in time?
Leg TeamNameEmailInstitution


ATMOSByron Blomquistbyron.blomquist (at) colorado.eduUniversity Colorado
BGCDorothea Bauchdbauch (at) geomar.deGeomar
ECOAlli Fongallison.fong (at) awi.deAWI
ICEJulia Regneryjulia.regnery (at) awi.deAWI
OCEANMario Hoppmannmario.hoppmann (at) AWI
Remote SensingGunnar Spreengunnar.spreen (at) uni-bremen.deUniversity Bremen


ATMOSTaneil Uttal

BGCEllen Dammellen.damm (a) awi.deAWI
ECOJulia Groß

jgrosse (at)

ICEDimitri DivineDmitry.Divine (at)
OCEANIvan KuznetsovIvan Kuznetsov (at)
Remote SensingDimitri Divine


ATMOSAndreas Preusser

BGCTorsten Sachstorsten.sachs (at) gfz-potsdam.deGFZ
ECOAdam Ulfsbo

adam.ulfsbo (at)

University of Gothenburg
ICEAmy Macfarlaneamy.macfarlane (at) slf.chSLF Snow and Avalanche research
OCEANJanine Schafferjanin.schaffer (at) awi.deAWI
Remote Sensing


ATMOSHolger Deckelmannholger.deckelmann (at) tu-braunschweig.deAWI
BGCFalck Pätzoldf.paetzold (at) tu-braunschweig.deTU Braunschweig
ECOAlli Fong
allison.fong (at) awi.deAWI
ICEJulia Regneryjulia.regnery (at) awi.deAWI
OCEANKirstin Schulzkirstin.schulz (at)


Remote SensingJulia Regneryjulia.regnery (at) awi.deAWI


ATMOSSandro Dahlke

BGCBruno Delille

ECORobert Campbell

ICEJulia Regnery

OCEANMario Hoppmann

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