Step 1 - Describe Sensor & Data

Step 2 - Define Data Transfer

Step 3 - Define Data Archiving

The STEPS in a few words....

  1. Only once: Describe your sensor and your sensor output data (read more...)
  2. Depending of where your sensor is installed, the next step is different
    1. Installed on one of our large scale research platforms, sensor data has to copy by your staff onto the central storage server located on the platform itself (read more ...)
    2. Installed on platforms with real-time satellite link, your sensor data will be collected automatically nearly in real-time (read more ...)
    3. Installed on platforms without network connection, you can archive your sensor data with a few clicks or by a script (read more ...)
  3. At the end of an expedition or in time periods concerning internet connected sensors, the sensor data will be transferred to the archive system PANGAEA without any effort on your part (read more ...)

Please pay attention! This procedure is only for sensor rawdata and not for primary data.

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