This step describes sensors which are installed on and connected to an AWI large-scale research platform e.g. RV Polarstern, RV Heincke, RV Mya II, Neumayer Station, Polar 5, and 6:

  1. In the process of describing the "raw data project" (Part 1) a disk space is prepared at the central storage server aboard managed by the system administrator.

  2. During the expedition or campaign your staff has to copy the sensor data step by step to the central storage by using the file- and directory name convention declared in step 1. For the next steps it is very important to take care of these.

  3. At the end of the expedition or campaign all sensor data will be exported by the system administrator.

  4. Afterwards the exported data will be sent by an official procedure to the AWI Computing and Data Center. To secure the transporting procedure a second copy will be kept at the research platform.

  5. Arriving at the AWI Computing and Data Center the data will be imported at a central temporary disk space, ready for the archiving procedure.

Now it is time for step 3...

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