First things first

  • is solely about metadata.
  • In some parts of this manual it is written in some other parts it says Technically it is the same. For future usage registry is correct, but for a transition phase and until all domains are registered and some technical restrictions are solved "sensor" is used.
  • Everything in this page is documented, described, and annotated at best knowledge.
  • Especially for the use cases there might be better, less ressource intensive, more pythonic, more straight forward, or whatever ways (of course!), but this is just meant to give a basic idea what can be done with what amount of effort or background knowledge (and computational skills).


Fundamentals in API Processing

All tasks that can be done via graphical user interface (GUI) in can be also done via API (and beyond). Some topics, such as adding parameters, removing users, need user authentification. For the use with external tools we offer some sort of brute force introduction in combination with some basic HTTP requests. This is basically a shortcut introduction to's API.

We offer short intros for:

Use Cases

Furthermore we gathered some more or less typical use cases for working and exploring content in

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