The Spatial Data Infrastructure can be fed with data published on PANGAEA to have it published as (part of) an OGC Web Service (OWS). How to specify which data our SDI should integrate/harvest from PANGAEA can be specified with .sdi.pangaea.lst files. They can hold both specific PANGAEA DOIs and PANGAEA Search Querys. The latter will result in all resulting DOIs to be integrated/harvested into the SDI. All of an DOI's content which is available as PANGAEA tab files will get integrated/harvested.

Version 0.1


  • plain text file
  • file extension: .sdi.pangaea.lst 
  • encoding: UTF-8
  • one PANGAEA URL (query or direct DOI) per line


  • readability features for humans
    • empty lines are fine
    • lines beginning with a hashtag (#) can be used for comments
      • no comments in lines with URLs
  • a file's basename (e.g. foobar from foobar.sdi.pangaea.lst) can be used for convenient structuring but will not have any impact on SDI/OWS issues.

Query Syntax/Formatting

Advanced Search

The used syntax formatting can be explored in the PANGAEA WIKI: Advanced Search webpage. But it must be used as decoded link address without '+' signs. 

  • do copy filter from PANGAEA Search Bar content (and combine it with
  • do not copy filter from browser location bar (URL)

Query Examples

File Examples

Valid File

# single DOI(s)

# Filtered by project label 'DAM' as decoded URL

# Filtered by method and project as decoded URL"Multicorer with television" AND (project:Hausgarten OR project:HERMES OR project:FRAM)

Invalid File

# single DOI with invalid comment behind entry  # my favourite DOI!

# single DOI with invalid address (missing https prefix)  

# Filtered by project label 'DAM' ...
# A) using Advanced Search Syntax but as encoded URL

# B) URL copied from address bar after using facet filtering[]=DAM

# URL copied from address bar after using facet filtering -- works in browsers but not for harvesting"Multicorer+with+television"&f.project[]=Hausgarten&f.project[]=HERMES&f.project[]=FRAM

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