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The Sea Ice Radar Altimetry (SIRAL) project of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) is based on satellite radar altimetry data to investigate the sea ice mass balance and related processes to understand Arctic Change. The name of the project is also a homage to the radar altimeter onboard CryoSat-2, the Synthetic and Interferometric Radar Altimeter (SIRAL) which has been a game changer for sea-ice thickness information from satellite radar altimetry. The thickness information obtained from radar altimetry adds the third dimension to the sea ice concentration data record and is an essential parameter for climate research and numerical weather prediction.

This wiki is dedicated to the documentation of sea ice thickness data sets from radar altimeter data produced at the Alfred Wegener Institute. Please also check the blog for news and updates as well as the CS2SMOS wiki for information on merged CryoSat-2/SMOS sea ice thickness data.

AWI CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Product



Product User Guide & Algorithm Specification: AWI CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Thickness (version 2.4)


Hendricks, S. , Ricker, R. and Paul, S. (2021): Product User Guide & Algorithm Specification: AWI CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Thickness (version 2.4),

News & Updates


(info) CryoSat-2 NRT data isssue is fixed (see blog post)


(tick) CryoSat-2 v2.4 NRT production now operational (data on ftp)


(warning) Some orbits are excluded from NRT processing (see blog post)


(tick) CryoSat-2 v2.3 REP production now operational


(tick) CryoSat-2 v2.3 reprocessing campaign finished (data on ftp)


(tick) CryoSat-2 v2.3 NRT production now operational (see blog post)


(info) Anouncement of CryoSat-2 v2.3 (see blog post)


(info) Minor update of CryoSat-2 REP version to v2.2.1 (see blog post)


(warning) Issue of missing CryoSat-2 NRT data (see blog post)
AWI CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Product

A full documentation of the AWI CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Product is given in the Product User Guide & Algorithm Specification.

Blog Posts

Older blog entries can be found here.

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