Guideline for planning and realization of research projects, training courses and use of the infrastructure "Marine Stations Helgoland and Sylt"

This Wiki addresses guest researchers, leaders of university courses and other trainings, user of data of the long-term ecolological time series Helgoland and Sylt Roads, user of the scientific diving center on Helgoland and in general user and guests at the Biological Station Helgoland and the Wadden Sea Station in List/Sylt.

It is advised to read the Wiki to ensure smooth planning and realization of the research stay and use of infrastructures before starting individual preparations.

The large-scale research infrastructure “Marine Stations Helgoland and Sylt” includes the Marine Station Helgoland and the Wadden Sea Station Sylt, the working groups "Long-term Observation (LTO)" and "Measuring Systems and Data Flow", the research vessels at both stations (Uthörn, Mya II, Aade), the Center for Scientific Diving and the area "Guest Research and Education" including individual guest research and university courses at both island sites, the school laboratory OPENSEA on Helgoland as well as the two science communication facilities "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" on Sylt and "BLUEHOUSE" on Helgoland.

A description of the infrastructure is published in the Journal for Large-Scale Research Facilities.

Haus der BAH im Südhafen von Helgoland

Biological Station Helgoland (Photo: AWI)

Wadden Sea Station in List/Sylt (Photo: AWI)

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