"web application mosaic research profile"

This project is about writing a web application to improve the interdisciplinary collaboration of the mosaic members. It will provide a search engine for the profiles of the scientists, making it easier to find a contact person and responsible persons, as well as data sets to be made available.
This web application should be login protected, denying access to unauthorised persons, in order to protect the data and limit the scope of use to Mosaic participants.

Contact person:

Ellen Oldenburg
Tel.: 01759874820
Institut für Quantitative & Theoretische Biologie 
Düsseldorf Heinrich Heine Universität 

AWI Contact person:

Dr. Katja Metfies
Helmholtz-Zentrum Für Polar- und Meeresforschung


Web-Proxy auf mosaic-data.org / mosaicsrv1.awi.de


MOSAiC Marketplace VM: mos-00086 /

MOSAiC Marketplace VM Lease: 07.07.2021 9:45AM

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