It is a valuable feature that additional information or context material can be assigned in directly. These resources can be of different type:

Available resource types
Article23An Article478b137a-2aa2-40c9-8de0-258913996702
Calibration_Certificate9Calibration Certificate3384fbdd-f45e-4dbb-ba89-2f11b97c9945
Data_Description520describe your data formateab86b83-1517-4b36-b44a-050f2c9fc80b
Platform_article320Article describing platform published in Journal of Large-Scale Research Facilityd73d6a11-8996-4f53-9637-1aad8a3dbef7
Repository489Supports adding the URL to a repository outside AWI (e.g. for seismological and geomagnetic data from Neumayer III)f8711b4e-904c-469f-9a39-726883af833f
User_Manual8User Manual5970ccec-8bf8-46df-bcae-09cc24775e31
Web_site217Web site68fc4cc1-1572-4a8c-bca9-9e602d720106

Resources can be added either as an already available entry in It might take a while, but it is worthy and eye-opening what is in there. Or you can add new resources, either by direct upload from your local computer or by submission of a link.

ctd_awi_964 at Svalbard Underwater Node 2Existing resourcesAdding new resource by upload of local file.

Adding new resource by link.

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