Contact information is crucial for the work with Most important is the role of an editor, since this is the only person/institution that can alter the item, add other roles, or modify the state. When adding a new contact to your item you can choose (and filter) from a list of existing entries. If there is an entry that suits your needs, just assign a proper role.

Available contact roles
Data_Provider189Data Provider for Data Transmission and Data Formatingec36cbed-8932-470c-ad92-4635c0fb2752
Data_Scientist29Key party responsible for gathering information and conducting researchbfd7ca96-8bf0-4d4a-af44-92f86e4568ed
Device_Contact398Contact Person for the device who can either edit the device in SensorWeb or knows who to contact this for.5ec12914-8f4c-470c-84ee-f677bfa311d0
dship_connector330dship connectorfa899990-d242-4130-ba6e-a358cb2d36bb

A person with the permission to modify items

The only role that can alter the item

Engineer_In_Charge4Engineer In Charge – NERC: Party who created the resourcec70a56d6-b026-424c-b34b-11227c6d8691
Owner321Party that owns the resourcea2267580-0a87-4ba2-ab3e-c3c46fbe4dad
Principal_Investigator5Key party responsible for gathering information and conducting research9e7a0ba6-cea4-4f45-9146-38311bde9395

If there is something or someone missing you get the chance to add a new account. If that is the case an authentication link is sent to the email address of the new account. Please make sure the newly created user gets the role of an ‘editor’ otherwise no user is created and the authentication process fails. Background: only editors can alter items, thus only new contacts with the role 'editor' are created. The other roles have mostly only informative character or are bridging gaps between systems (e.g. dship_connector).

While first name, last name, role, and email are the only mandatory entries for the account, we strongly recommend to fill out the other fields as well, especially organization and ORCID (if available), because several data services make use of such information.

New users can be added straight away from UI in

When in doubt or something is missing to your opinion, please send a support request to or ask the chief editors of your project.

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