The mass data management system (MDM) is a storage system on board to organize your raw data file storage.
It provides:

  • a storage place/folder for every DShip device
  • network accessible file shares (SMB)
  • redundant file storage including backups of your files
  • automated transfer of files on USB media and on land after campaign
  • distribution of your files to land data infrastructures in order to easily work on data in your team or publish data to repositories such as PANGAEA

The MDM system is accessible via an SMB share you can store your data at:

On this share you will find one designated directory for each DShip device. Feel free to mount and upload your device data during an expedition!

The following happens with uploaded data

  • During expedition on board
    • Automatic association to the current DShip campaign
    • Redundant storage of your files on board of the research vessel
    • Data is copied to a data media and marked read only in the mdm_upload/device directory if file age exceeds 1 day, or at the end of an expedition, 
  • After expedition on land
    • Data transport media is shipped to the Data Logistics Support department
    • Device data is imported into the O2A workspace
    • Raw Data Ingests to PANGAEA (RDIF_2.0) are performed for build-in/underway devices of RV Polarstern
    • A private data access link is sent to the campaign's chief scientist

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