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We require a data description document. This description shall describe the data which is stored on the MCS. It is required for each sensor URN which has data stored. The complexity of such a data description depends on the complexity of your data. The data description document shall be uploaded to your sensor in, e.g. as a pdf file. Please use the resources tab and use “Data Description” as document type. We require this to prepare the raw data publication in PANGAEA for your proofread, to ensure all the data and metadata, including the authorship and contact information is correct. We will not publish your data open access without prior contacting you. As a default, the open access publication date is 2023-01-01. You can instruct us to release the data earlier.


Your data description file shall explain the following:

  1. Short description for each filetype. What data does it contain, which format is used, are there relations to other files, which software was used to create the file. This is in particular important if a special software or proprietary binary format has been used to store data. An link can also be given.
  2.           File naming schema (prefix, filetype, time date format inside filename )
  3.           Additional information to device-, science operation, campaign or leg if existent in the folder or filename structure.
  4. Is there data which shall not be archived (because it’s redundant, archived somewhere else, etc. )


Describe it in a way, that someone without prior knowledge can understand and reuse it.


With the O2A ingest system we can parse this information and provide metadata for the PANGAEA data publication page. The more detailed you describe your raw data, the more relevant metadata will be available there. Example for a data description: . A shorter data description might be sufficient if your device only creates very few file types.


In addition to the data description, please review and update your device description on the overview tab of the sensor information. It is not only meant as an information for the editor, but also for users not familiar with the device. Hence, a more extensive description is preferred. The typical length might be 2-4 sentences, for example "The 4H FerryBox is an autonomous, low maintenance metrology system which has been developed especially for permanent deployment on ships, metrology platforms and river measurement points. Due to its special architecture, the system is able to link a multitude of sensors and automatic analysis devices and even perform measurements in difficult media (such as sea water or bubbling water etc.). The entire sensor system is an integral part of the anti-fouling concept whereby the maintenance requirement is held to a minimum." (for device vessel:mya_ii:fb_741202).

We aim to use this device description as the data abstract when publishing the raw data in PANGAEA.


If you are a PI and don’t have a PANGAEA account yet, then please create one here:

Thank you very much for your help to archive MOSAiC data according to FAIR principles.       


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A Sensors raw Data Description
A Sensors raw Data Description
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