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In order to assure good metadata quality, projects using SENSOR REGISTRY are requested to nominate a chief editor who will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Identify and document best practices for using SENSOR REGISTRY and creating metadata in the context of a given project and/or institute data policies
  2. Organize tutorials for editors on a regular basis.  If wished, the O2A team can upload webminars for specific projects in our YouTube channel (contact email o2a-support (at)   In particular, it is crucial that the following issues are covered in the tutorials (see best practices):
    1. The rationale behind the distinct workflow states, in particular de device store
    2. "Collection" assignment
    3. "Contact" assignment, in particular the role "owner" so that the ownership/affiliation of sensors are assigned to the respective institutes.  Make sure you request all editors to assign you under role "Editor" as well so that you will be able to perform actions 5 and 6 below
    4. "Actions" assignment, in particular clarification on which action types trigger the creation of a PID and citation   
    5. Items for which a version exists (PID + citation listed under "History") can only be moved back to "construction" state or deleted by SENSOR REGISTRY administrators (contact email to o2a-support (at) ) 
  3. Remind editors about new functionality released in SENSORREGISTRY .  Although software improvements will be posted under "Release Notes"  and all editors will be notified via email, it is crucial that you remind editors of these, in particular in the context of your project.
  4. Periodically control the items created and modified by editors within your project/team stored in SENSOR REGISTRY for correctness and completeness and notify editors accordingly
  5. Move items without a PID back to "construction" state, if these do not have adequate metadata.   Chief editors are expected to notify the original editor themselves 
  6. Delete "training" items or any other which do not belong in the repository.  Chief editors are expected to notify the original editor themselves

Please note that within the framework of upcoming projects and integration of existing systems, we will be adapting and extending the role definition and the best practices accordingly.  Editors will be notified in due course.


MOSAIC: Antonia Immerz (retired (wink)) team chief editors

MOSES: Philipp Fischer and team leaders

FRAM: Ingo Schewe and team leaders

PERMAFROST: coming soon

DAM: coming soon