The Visual Exploration Framework (VEF) aims to provide modularized building blocks which can be easily combined and integrated into web-based portals and viewers. It is built as a JavaScript and CSS library using modern web technologies.

The framework builds an additional abstraction layer above common JavaScript frameworks to simplify the composition of visualizations in the context of DAM and MareHub.

Access to the Prototype:

The newest version of the viewer prototype is publicly available via this URL:

The prototype is under constant development and is updated regularly.

There is also a viewer integrated into the Marine Data navigation
which uses the built VEF library.

The prototype only runs in a current version of Google Chrome. Support for Safari and Firefox is planned.


The software is built with an object oriented approach using JavaScript modules and classes.

A sketch of the planned architecture can be seen here (work in progess):


The source code for the VEF is located on the AWI GitLab Server:

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