We're developing our software solutions in two-weekly increment phases. Each phase starts and ends with an increment meeting. The increment meeting consists of

  • review including a demonstration of achivements,
  • planning and priorization of tasks for the next two weeks,
  • retrospective to improve the development process.

Review and planning are open for everyone interested. No detailed discussions. For user feedback goto Jour Fixe.

Retrospective is reserved for development team members.

Increment Meetings

Jour Fixe

The main objective of the jour fixe is demonstration of new features to users and gathering direct feedback from users. Feedback will go into development. The jour fixe is open to all interested people (politics, science, data providers, developers, ...). Meeting notes are public available.


  • What can I do with the thing as a "normal" user?


  • What happens last? (5min)
  • Demonstrations (30min)
    • what is new - features
    • what is new - data products (if interesting)
    • what is new - documentation
    • technical details are only named, no in-depth discussions
    • reference to standard operation procedures, if relevant
  • Feedback and Questions (10min)
    • collect questions in the chat
    • (optional) define max 3 breakout topics
      • prepared by development team
      • spontaneously selected
  • (optional) Breakouts (10min)
    • complete meeting protocol with breakout notes
    • vote on a separate session for topics that do not fit into the 10min slot
    • someone from the development team should attend
  • Summary (5min)
    • any open questions?

Jour Fixe Meetings

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