Introduction (base directory)

O2A data is archived. The data structure for archiving is described here.

The SENSOR's parameter codes (URNs, Uniform Resource Names), e.g. vessel:polarstern:hydrosweep_ds3 describes the base storage directory for this specific device. This base directory is defined by the metadata description in

Examples for base directory:


Subdevices of a base device are described in the sensor URN by adding the sub devices "Short Name" to the base device URN. For example


Base device and subdevices are named items for simplicity reasons. Any nesting of items is possible. There is no restriction for nesting.

Examples for different level of nesting in Sensor URNs:

(type:item:item)         vessel:polarstern:hydrosweep_ds3
(type:item:item:item)    vessel:polarstern:tsk1:sbe38

(type:item)              towed_systems:loki_10001_02
(type:item:item)         towed_systems:loki_10001_02:microflu-chl_1228

Sensor URNs describe the data storage location in our archive. E.g. temperature data from the sbe38 sensor, from termosalinograph keel 1 tsk1, on vessel polarstern, are stored unter the root directory /vessel/polarstern/tsk1/sbe38/. Picture data from loki_10001_02 are archived under /towed_systems/loki_10001_02/. This is the base-directory.

Data structure below Sensor URN base directory

The base-directory is given by the sensor URN. Expedition data is located under the base directory and an "/exdata/" marker directory. The level below "/exdata/" describes the expedition and if applicable the science activity and device operation. Following schema have to be used for naming this subdirectory:


For example "PS85_444-2" describes expedition or event related data for expedition PS85 from science activity 444 and device operation 2. Splitting these information in nesting folders is not supported.




(warning) Hint: underscore (_) is ambiguous if used for "expedition_leg" vs. "expedition_scienceactivity". Therefore underscore (_) has not be used in the expedition name for legs. Use point (.) instead instead for defining expeditions with several legs. For example PS122.1 instead of PS122_1.

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