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The Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) is a collaborative, international project to address pressing scientific questions in the central Arctic. The project’s success, and its ultimate impact on science and society, relies upon professional coordination and data sharing across the participants. A transparent Data Policy is essential to achieve MOSAiC science objectives, to facilitate collaboration, and to enable broad use and impact of the MOSAiC data legacy.

Objective of the Data Policy

The purpose of this Data Policy is to codify the goals and principles of MOSAiC’s research data life-cycle from production, documentation, sharing, usage and re-usage. This ensures that common procedures for data gathering, archiving and publication, as well as metadata and quality management are commonly implemented. By participating in the MOSAiC project, all members of the MOSAiC consortium agree to and comply with this Data Policy. By doing so, participants ensure that MOSAiC is a successful and resource-effective research project that also supports data accessibility, interoperability and re-usage following the FAIR data principles.

This policy aims to:

  1. Ensure proper storage, backup and archiving of MOSAiC data in a central system.
  2. Promote the visibility and accessibility of MOSAiC data for scientific and other applications.
  3. Ensure the fair and equitable use of MOSAiC data and uphold the rights of individual scientists and institutions.
  4. Enable the organized and timely analysis of the data.
  5. Encourage the rapid publication and dissemination of scientific data, results and knowledge, to support the involvement of a broad user community.

Download MOSAiC Data Policy

MOSAiC Data Policy (in the version of September 19th 2019)

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Cite as:

Immerz, Antonia, et al. (2019) MOSAiC Data Policy.

Preparing MOSAiC manuscripts

See Internal Guidelines for MOSAiC Scientific Publications.

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In short: Recommended MOSAiC manuscript preparation flow chart.

1. Sign and send back MOSAiC Data Policy


The MOSAiC Data Policy is to be signed by every individual member of MOSAiC. All persons who want to create MOSAiC data and all persons wanting to access/use MOSAiC data before 1st of January 2023, regardless of the fact if they participate in the cruise or not.

Please download and sign the data policy and send a scanned version to the MOSAiC Registration Office

  • email subject ‘MOSAiC Data Policy Signature’
  • send email to 
  • add your MOSAiC team coordinator in CC
  • state the project name (as stated in the endorsement letter or for AWI-projects, the AWI project name) that you are participating in for MOSAiC.

Please refer to the table below for the list of contacts to copy the signed Data Policy to.

MOSAiC TeamsTeam Coordinator or AlternativeEmail
Aircraft OperationsAndreas

Peter von der Gathen
EcosystemAllison Fong
Sea IceMarcel
OceanBenjamin Rabe 

Remote SensingThomas

For questions regarding the data policy please contact Stephan Frickenhaus (

2. Get a  MOSAiC Account

Once your MOSAiC membership is verified you will receive an email from with a form attached similar to the example below: 

Please fill in the form attached to the email from and send it back to!

View file
Please be informed that some time may pass before we get back to you after you have handed in the Data Policy since the registration requires verification of membership and involves several departments.

After sending back the eaccount-form you will obtain your user credentials to access the MOSAiC Data Services at 

More information on MOSAiC User accounts can be found under Get MOSAiC User Account.

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MOSAiC Data Publication
MOSAiC Data Publication