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I) PANGAEA repository for data and data products supports:

  • Browse by discipline, project and region (map-based)

  • Search in all metadata fields

  • User-friendly data submission using a ticket system

  • Quality control of datasets prior to publishing

  • DOI minting including recommended citation

  • Tools for data access and visualization

  • Machine-to-machine access to data warehouse 

  • Long-term data archival

  • Optional assignement of data collections 

  • FAIR principles

Contact: info(at)

II) EPIC repository for publications and presentations supports:

  • Browse by item type, author, platform, organizational unit, etc

  • Search in all metadata fields including full-text

  • Archival of a large range of genre: from field reports to peer-reviewed articles

  • Handle minting for all items

  • Preservation of documents

  • Open access to full items:  optional embargo for PDFs

  • Interoperability with openAIRE

Web Services

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