The start of the AWI CryoSat-2 v2.3 near real-time processing is delayed due to ongoing work on a software issue.

Algorithm Updates

The AWI CryoSat-2 sea-ice product is updated annually and the new version is reprocessed every year in fall and operationally generated from October on. The product version from October 2020 on is v2.3 and it contains the following changes compared to v2.2:

Auxiliary Data

  • Switched C3S sea-ice concentration (interim) climate data record from v1.2 to v2.0
  • Reverted mean sea surface from DTU18 to DTU15
  • Optimized sea-ice type information near coasts and in the Canadian Archipelago


  • Updated computation of wavespeed correction in the snow layer according to Mallett et al., 2020
  • Used hemisphere-wide snow density values according to Mallett et al., 2020
  • Snow depth and density values are updated daily instead of monthly to avoid freeboard and thickness discontinuities at a change of month
  • Optimizations in the estimation of along-track sea-level anomaly

Product format and content

  • sea level anomaly is now named sea_level_anomaly instead of sea_surface_height_anomaly


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in loss of data for the SARin radar mode (most severe in the Canadian Archipelago)

An update of the Product User guide will be published shortly.

Download Location

The new version of the AWI CryoSat-2 sea ice product can be accessed shortly via the ftp server of the Alfred Wegener Institute:

Reprocessed (33 days delay)Near-real time (2 days delay)
Daily Trajectoryl2p_trajectoryl2p_trajectory/Latest
Weekly Griddedl3c_grid/weeklyl3c_grid/weekly/Latest
Monthly Griddedl3c_grid/monthlyl3c_grid/monthly/Latest

After release, older version are considered deprecated and public access is removed.